Artist Statement

Although I have been an artist all my life, I was unable to produce art for sale until just the past few years. As a teacher I used my creativity in the classroom with lesson plans and bulletin boards. I made costumes for Theatre Centre and Muni Opera. I painted sets and created props. Then I started creating fashionable coats for women made from men’s suit coats, using ties, gloves, lace and jewelry. True Glitz was a successful small business that helped me nurture my creative side and my love of garage sales and flea markets. When my partner and I decided that five years of men’s coats was enough, I started making Character Creations, small figures (6 to 10 inches) made from polymer clay. The figures evolved into scenes on large bases—shops, gardens, forests—all created using found and created objects.

Both True Glitz and Character Creations were successful creative outlets and both were exhibited at the annual Edwards Place Fine Art Fair. However, when I retired from teaching I wanted to pursue art full time. I was juried into the Prairie Art Alliance (mixed media) and I joined the artists at The Blue Door (a downtown artist/artisan shop). My art continues to evolve and my current passion is collage in all media. I sew collaged fabric jackets; I collage onto boxes, manikins, musical instruments, CDs and books, as well as canvases.

I create art that tells a story, that has different levels of meaning and that exhibits a sense of humor. I love to paint, write, read, garden, research genealogy, go to garage sales and flea markets. All of these interests find their way into my art. Taking garage sale and dumpster finds and making art has become my challenge and my joy.